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Regency style indoor furniture

Collection of authentic reproduction furniture

RT16 Regence Maestricht Chair

Dutch upholstery chair, around 1730, known as "Maestricht"

RT16/1 Regence Maestricht chair Caned Back

Model identical to the upholstered Maeastricht Chair model RT16, in a caned back version

RTF1 Regence Rocaille Armchair

Armchair in the Rocaille style

RTF13 Regence Bergère

Regence bergère around 1730

RTF13/1 Regence Bergère footrest

Footstool suite with RTF13 bergère.

ADT03 Massant Chair

Art Deco – 1930s chair

ADTF01 Art Deco bergère Massant

Art Deco Bergère tub chair

50T01 Atomium Chair

1950s Chair in variety of colours

50TF01 1950s Armchair

1950s armchair with removable frame

50T01CH Atomium Chair Hermans Collection

Atomium chairs with fabric

ADTB5 Art deco footstool

Art Deco Footstool

Winged Armchair 02826

Winged Armchair - Biedermeier

Armchair Cherry 02410

Upholstered Armchair - Biedermeier

Spindle Armchair 02310

Spindle Armchair - Biedermeier

Armchair Cherry 02210

Armchair Cherry - Biedermeier

Armchair Cherry 02710

Armchair Cherry - Biedermeier

Club Armchair 021026

Club Armchair - Biedermeier

Wingback Armchair 021410

Wingback Armchair

Chair 012120

Light Biedermeier Chair

Chair Walnut 01522

Shovel Chair - Walnut

Blossom Back Chair 012220

Blossom-back Chair - Biedermeier

Blossom Back Chair 011511

Blossom-back Chair - Biedermeier

Swivel Chair 1011610

Swivel Chair - Biedermeier

Easy Chair 011710

Easy Chair with armrests - Biedermeier

Gathered Spindle-back Chair 01322

Gathered Spindle-back Chair with armrests - Biedermeier

Mahogany Armchair 012790

Mahogany Armchair


Chair with armrests - Cherry


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