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1950s Chair

Armchair of the Fifties with removable frame

Circa 1950 Origin : Denmark Provenance : private collection, Amsterdam

Massant has invited Christine Hermans for a SEATING FOR TWO

For this event the wooden frames of the 18th century put on their unique dresses and reinvent History. Reflecting echos from a new Present.

Driven by her imagination, Christine Hermans patterns out the Récamiers, outlines the Méridiennes, stitches the Bergères.

One stitch forward or one stitch back- ward, sawing or overcasting, she flies over the materials, matches coulours, underlines the shapes of seats then disappears not without leaving her prints...


  • Largeur 48 cm
  • Profondeur 41 cm
  • Hauteur 84 cm
  • Hauteur d'assise 46 cm


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